Turtle Exclusive pendant

The Kemp's Ridley Turtle is one of the seven species of sea turtle of which all are endangered. 

Kemp’s ridley turtles (Lepidochelys kempii) are the smallest sea turtles, weighing only 100 lbs (45 kg). Adults spend most of their time in shallow coastal areas in places with mud, sand, or gravel bottoms—often in seagrass beds. They eat swimming crabs, jellyfish and a variety of mollusks. 

In my attempt to copy and make sea turtle in the glass I have attempted to represent them in and art form that really enhances their environment. My glass Sea Turtle pendant has an under the ocean look to it. All Sea turtle are endangered, however, their coloring helps to protect them. Normally sea turtles don't have such bright colors however these colors can be found in the ocean. 
Many who do Scuba diving will attest to the great number of colors that are found in the deep. Sea turtles are seen in many of these bright environments. This Sea Turtle pendant is part of a series that we call the Tidepool series. These are due to the interesting patterns found in tide pools and we have learned how to include that look in the Sea Turtle shell. Each is its own work of art and small sculpture that you can wear. 

SIZE: This glass sea turtle pendant necklace is about 1-3/4 inches long. 
CORD OR CHAIN: The Sea turtle comes on a silk adjustable cord that adjusts from 16 to 24 inches. 

Shipping within 7-14 days.