Turtle Cute toy

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Product description:

  • DOUBLE THE FUN FOR THE PRICE OF ONE !! - These creative bath toys will attract your baby's attention and make bath time easy and looked forward to !!
  • BASIC EARLY EDUCATION - These bath toys will help develop hand eye coordination, understanding of cause and effect, and strengthen fine motor skills.
  • I can swim! -Paddling toy with clockwork and rotating device, you can swim with your baby. Clockwork clockwise rotation, then put them into the water, they will quickly swim. Oh, baby, let's see who swims faster?
  • Material and safety - The bathtub turtle toy is made of ABS plastic. The edges are smooth enough for babies to touch, play with and cuddle. Plus, non-battery, it's 100% safe for your baby!
  • Let your baby enjoy the bath - just have fun and don't cry! Bath toys may be a great way to distract your baby and let them enjoy the water. Whether bathing or swimming, let your child frolic with the little creatures.

Product content:

  • 1 x bath toy(opp)