Reusable metal folding straw


These kits are new and improved! Other brands use cases that are made out of plastic, which doesn’t decompose. Our Straw kits are different because of the outer shell that holds the straw. This new design allows for the complete package to be eco-friendly, as well as portable and convenient. The straw itself is made out of a mold and bacteria resistant silicone with stainless steel components.

  • Collapsible: This is an innovative straw that can be bent while drinking through it at the same time. It works the same as any straw does but can totally replace the plastic ones. You can even fold it into a small size and put it into the case that's included!
  • Eco-friendly & Reusable: It is made of premium quality stainless steel, food-grade silicone with no smell, and is BPA free. It can be kept and used for a very long time. Bring this kit with you so you don’t have to use any plastic straws in the future. Join us to refuse plastic pollution and save our planet by using this straw from today on!
  • Washable and Easy to Clean: You can easily wash this collapsible straw with water and clean it with the squeegee in just seconds when it gets dirty. It will not get rusty from water as the exterior tube is made of stainless steel.
  • Portable and Convenient: It’s simple and easy to store the straw! Save space and time with its ergonomic design. You can just fold the straw into the case and put it in your pocket, pouch, or hang it on your pants with your key chain wherever you go. Super convenient and portable to carry for an outdoor picnic, family party, business trip, or the office.

This kit includes:

  • Compostable carrying case
  • Stainless steel foldable straw
  • Cleaning brush
  • No plastic!


Environmental pollution is always a world-wide topic that concerns everybody. Our planets habitats become worse and worse due to many kinds of pollutants being released every day. Plastic pollution is one of the most harmful things for our planet due to its threat to the ocean (Which provides 60% of the oxygen we breathe). There are over 500,000,000 plastics straws consumed and abandoned every single day! Believe it or not, this equals to 2.5 times of earth’s circumference if you put all the polluted plastic straws together. These plastic straws will be thrown into the ocean and cause uncountable deaths on turtles and other ocean animals. BlueHoney is dedicated to finding the best solution to tackle the problem of plastic pollution. We call on everybody to refuse to use any straw if it’s not reusable.