Jumping Dolphin Gift blown Glass

  • Handcraft Murano Glass Blow Artwork Figure Colorful Wild Life Nautical aquarium ornament.
  • Great gift for your friend's birthday, holiday greeting gift or decoration stuff
  • Special design with handmade
  • Made with high quality glass and outstanding detail as you can see in picture
  • Introduce new friend to your fish and provides a beautiful decoration in your aquarium.
  • Measures :2.9*1.6inch. Since it is handmade work so it may has a little different detail from picture.

NOTE: As this is finished by man-hand. Each one is unique and different. And there is little bubble on figurines as to blown glass. Thank you.

GS1908200 (1)GS1908200 (2)GS1908200 (3)GS1908200 (4)GS1908200 (5)GS1908200 (6)