Handmade glass blue honu and with green jellyfish pendant by Burt

About This Item

According to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), leatherback sea turtles, and the green turtle or better known as the Great Honu in Hawaii, provide natural ecological control over jellyfish populations. Leatherback sea turtles only eat jellyfish, and they have to eat their body weight in jellyfish every day. They are also the largest species of sea turtle meaning that they eat on average 800 to 900 lbs of jellyfish each day. Unfortunately, leatherback sea turtles are already critically endangered. On top of that, plastic bags, balloons, and other trash look extremely similar to jellyfish! On top of that, the increasing number of jellyfish blooms may be an indication that the ocean environments are changing, and not for the better. This is my artistic example of the balance of nature with leatherback sea turtle and a moon jellyfish.

Burt crafted this with his glass blowing torch, using skills and techniques taught to him from the master glassblower his father since he was a child. This great Honu with the moon jellyfish is 3 inches long and 3 wide.