6/8 Pcs Reusable Metal Drinking Straw

01 Silver (6pcs)
02 Silver (6pcs)
03 Silver (8pcs)
04 Silver (8pcs)
05 Rose Gold (6pcs)
06 Rose Gold (6pcs)
07 Rose Gold (8pcs)
08 Rose Gold (8pcs)
09 Rainbow (6pcs)
10 Rainbow (6pcs)
11 Rainbow (8pcs)
12 Rainbow (8pcs)
13 Purple (6pcs)
14 Purple (6pcs)
15 Purple (8pcs)
16 Purple (8pcs)
17 Blue (6pcs)
18 Blue (6pcs)
19 Blue (8pcs)
20 Blue (8pcs)

While the push continues to change how big restaurant chains and corporations operate, we must be the change we want to see. Without grassroots movements like this, companies would continue to operate under the premise that our oceans don't matter. Make a small difference in your community by getting a set of Reusable Stainless Steel Straws!

Material: Stainless Steel
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Accessories: Stainless Steel Straw Brush
Straw Shape: Bend & Straight
Quantity: Straws+Brush+Bag
Feature 1: Stainless steel straw
Feature 2: Metal straws
Feature 3: Straws drinking
Feature 4: Reusable metal straws
Feature 5: Home party tools