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Natural Crystal Turtle Citrine Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst Gold
Amethyst Silver
Citrine Gold
Citrine Silver
White single Gold
White single Silver
Green single Silver
Red single Silver
Blue single Silver



  1. Pointed End and Energy Flow:

    • The pointed end of the crystal wand is believed to draw and channel energy. Depending on how you position the wand, it can either draw energy inward or project it outward. This aligns with the metaphysical idea that crystals can interact with and manipulate energy fields.
  2. Feel and Use:

    • You mentioned that the wand feels great to hold in your hand. Many people believe that crystals have unique energies and vibrations, and holding or meditating with them can enhance certain experiences, such as meditation, healing sessions, Chakra balancing, and energy work.
  3. Versatility:

    • Crystal wands, especially those with a single termination (pointed end), are considered versatile tools. They can be used in meditation practices, for energy sessions, and in creating grounding grids. The versatility makes them valuable for various spiritual and holistic practices.
  4. Balancing and Inner Peace:

    • Crystals, in general, are often associated with promoting balance and inner peace. Combining various crystals in a single wand may be seen as a way to harness the unique properties of each crystal for an overall balancing effect.
  5. Decorative and Collectible:

    • Beyond their metaphysical uses, crystal wands are often appreciated for their aesthetic qualities. They can be used as decorative pieces in both home and office settings. Additionally, due to their uniqueness and believed properties, crystal wands can be sought after as collectibles.
  6. Gift and Rare Collection Piece:

    • The mention of the wand making a rare collection piece suggests that it could be considered valuable and unique, making it an appealing gift for individuals interested in crystals and metaphysical practices.






Turtle crystal ornaments


high:about 11.5cm


about  260g


as picture